Why you need to realize that love is not an obligation

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Love is universal, yet, the way everyone perceives love is different; for someone love might mean making breakfast for their significant other every day, for another person it might mean having someone with whom you can go out for a drive at 3 a.m, some might even perceive love as just being able to sit in silence with their soul mate and not feel awkward. Point being, everyone has different perceptions and ways to express love and maybe that’s one of the things that make love so beautiful.

I personally don’t believe that we fall in love only once in our lives, we fall in love a number of times, sometimes with the same people, sometimes with new ones. And the reason for that is simple; people change, situations change, and the way we feel changes along with that. So a lot of times we fall out of love, and that is as confusing for us as it is for the person we love. We know it’s going to hurt them and we don’t want to hurt them, yet it is so fatalistic in the sense that you can do nothing about it.

Imagine, every time you look at your S/O you feel a spark, every morning you wake up, look at their face as the sunlight streams on it and you feel that spark, then one day you turn to look at them and that spark just isn’t there. It’s gone.