You Might Just Marry the "Wrong" Person, but That's Alright

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Growing up, every little girl dreamed of her perfect wedding. How she might set herself apart from the rest, what gown she'll walk down the aisle in, the place she'll get married at, but most importantly, who'll she'll get married to.

A little girl isn't going to carefully analyse each and every individual to see whether they match the perfect spouse they had in mind or not. With age, we realise that we're probably never going to find that perfect spouse and decide to settle for someone else. Here's the first thing we do wrong. We settle.

Ever since the advent of romanticism, we've believed that there's surely someone out there for everyone. If only there was a way to go back in time and tell the person who came up with this to add the line, "but they don't have to be perfect".

Is there someone out there for everyone? Of course there is! Eventually you are going to find love and live happily ever after just like you thought you would when you were younger. The fact is, we're completely unwilling to let go of that idea. When flaws start to unravel, we conclude that this person isn't the right one and we'll just have to look for love elsewhere.

We might not be that naive little girl anymore, but we're still looking for perfection. However, have we ever really wondered whether we're perfect or not?

Who knows us better than anyone? Us. Look at yourself in the mirror and really, I mean really, determine whether everything about you is perfect. We're not perfect. No one is perfect. - Continue reading on next page