Story of how a wife worked for 3 years to fulfill her husband's wish

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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For all those who love to be surprised by their partner or want to surprise their partner, this story will cheer you up and will make you want to do the same. It proves that in this busy and hectic world, people still do a lot to bring a smile to the face of their loved ones. There are stories all around the world that will make you want to work hard to bring that beautiful smile on the face of your loved ones but we found such a beautiful story which would motivate you to do something for your spouse even if it takes a lot of years.

A couple in India is an example of this, where the wife, Akhilee, planned a surprise for her husband, Gaurav, and she worked hard for 3 years to make it all happen. Just to see their loved ones happy, people do so many things that it makes us want to do the same or either wish to have someone who will do that for us.

Akhilee’s motivation behind this surprise:

So if you all know about the law of attraction, it will be easier for you to understand what motivated her in giving her husband this surprise. In 2012, when Akhilee and Gaurav weren’t married yet, Akhilee saw two posters attached in his wardrobe. One of the posters mentioned a specific date with a specific wish, that wish was to clear his exam of company secretary. Similarly on the second poster, there was again a date along with a wish, which was to have a Harley-Davidson Iron 883.

At their first date, Akhilee’s husband called her and told her that he has cleared his exam, now Akhilee understood that her husband believes in the law of attraction and she wanted to make his other wish come true.

Akhilee also asked her then boyfriend about his second wish, but his answer made her melt, he said that his next focus after clearing the exam is to marry her.

Now it has been three years since the two are married. There was one thing that Gaurav didn’t know when he married Akhilee and that is that Akhilee decided to save money to fulfill her husband’s second wish.

Akhilee’s journey to collecting all that money:

We all have a faint idea of how expensive a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is, so it was not easy for Akhilee to collect that money. There were times when Akhilee thought that it is really hard and in order to buy such a big thing, each and every single penny counts.

Akhilee thanked her parents for all this as her mother taught her how to save money and her father taught her that if it is spent on happiness then just be happy because money will come again but in search for money you shouldn’t sacrifice happiness. *Continue reading to the next page*