I can never be the girl who feels nothing

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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I can never be that girl- the one who doesn’t ever get excited about things or the girl who can sleep peacefully at night after someone she likes texts her or the girl who doesn’t have any interest in knowing the things that are happening in someone’s life.

I can never be that girl who doesn’t get emotional about anything in life, the girl who won’t ever tear up while watching a sad movie or listening to some sad songs, the girl who can’t empathize when someone she knows is going through a tough time- whether it’s a breakup or a failed exam or even a close death.

I can never be the girl with lifeless eyes- eyes that don’t have any passion in them, eyes that don’t tell a story, eyes that no one will want to dive into. My eyes will always end up telling the things that my lips can’t. My eyes will be the passage to my heart and soul. And my eyes will always tell you the cold hard truth.

I can never be the girl who has no heart- the girl who can’t feel the love with every heartbeat and every breath she takes, the girl who doesn’t see the beauty in loving another person, a girl who will never shatter into a million pieces when someone she loves breaks her heart.

I can never be the girl who feels nothing. I will always be the girl who feels everything, a girl who can let every sorrow and every joy overpower her entire heart and soul, a girl who wants to embrace life with the all the good parts and the bad, and a girl who is ready to experience life in all its glory.

I can feel everything so intensely. I can hear everything so loudly. And I can see everything so clearly. - Continue reading on next page