You Are Worth the Chase

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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It takes a couple of seconds for an average girl to doubt her own worth when a guy shows lesser interest in her than she thought she deserved. She lowers her standards in a couple of seconds and blames it all on herself because what else could explain the rejection she did not see coming?

Rejections, polite or harsh, direct or indirect, make us wonder about our traits and habits. When we put ourselves out there for a guy only to be ignored and walked over by him, we wonder if something is wrong with us, if we went wrong somewhere in being the right girl. The answer to all of it is NO. No, your habits and traits are not to be doubted here. No, there is nothing wrong with you and no, you did not go wrong anywhere. If he took a different turn and looked over you, it is his decision to which he holds the right. As long as you are concerned, girl, you are worth the chase.

You were made exclusively, not according to a particular guy’s likes and dislikes. When a man notices your exclusiveness he will chase you and you will see why valuing yourself was the best favor you ever did yourself.

You will be like the golden watch among a heap of silver watches, a ruby among diamonds for the guy who sees something in you and for the guy who is welcoming a loss by looking over you, his vision was never good enough. You may not be the perfect woman every man wants to be with and you will have flaws that will make you stand out of the crowd but for the guy who will think it right to chase after you will see all the flaws as parts of you that are equally worth loving. He will make it clear to you that he considers having you an achievement and your presence lights up his world. He will make it clear when he chases you that you, with all your flaws, are worth the chase.

Everything happens for a reason. Our hearts break for a reason and people leave us for a reason. If one person sets us free, another catches on to the mission of getting our attention. It may not happen all too quickly and men certainly won’t stand in a queue for you but when there will be a man who is interested in you enough to chase you, he will come forth and make it clear. Never stoop too low to adjust for the man who no longer sees your worth; never let yourself believe that you are worth his divided attention and do not deserve more than he gives you. You deserve all the happiness in the world and you will only get it when you believe it. - Continue reading on the next page