You deserve the one who never leaves, not the one who comes back

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Do you ever look back at life and realize how much you’ve evolved as a person? How the things that were once acceptable to you seem like they’re not even an option anymore and how you would never take the kind of shit from people who you used to accept as a normal way of life.

I used to be the kind of person who would spend days wondering and obsessing over the people who left me. I would constantly wait for them to come back to me, to realize how much they had messed up and how horrible their life would be without me. Of course, not many people realized any of these things but I did! I realized how it’s better to stick with someone who never leaves than to let myself be a part of this mess.

Someone who never leaves when the times get hard, someone who never leaves even when you’re at your absolute worst, someone who never leaves regardless of how many other individuals are trying to gain their attention. Someone who takes the decision to stay for the rest of their life, and sticks to it.

You are beautiful. You are kind. And you deserve a person who doesn’t leave when you reveal all your insecurities, all the things you felt ashamed of, all the things that you were determined to never let out. You deserve a person who doesn’t question you on your past, who doesn’t judge you about the things that make you cry or even the things that make you laugh, someone who is ready to face the deepest and darkest sides of your personality.

You deserve a person who doesn’t leave the minute you tell them about how crazily you love them, how you would do anything just to see them smile, how they make you feel the kind of way you didn’t even think was possible. Someone who doesn’t leave when they realize you’re in this for a lifetime, when they realize that your one true desire is to spend your days just looking at them and your night just sleeping in their arms. You deserve a person who is willing to stay regardless of how passionate your love is, regardless of how confidently you display your emotions, a person who isn’t scared of the love you give them.

You deserve a person who won’t leave even when their life starts to move faster than yours, when they finally find their dream job, when they start to make more money, when they buy a fancier car, or when they start to make more friends. Someone who won’t leave even when they’re at their absolute best- the time where they can get anyone in the world but still want to be with you, someone who doesn’t wish to keep explore all the other ‘options’, someone who really knows what you’re worth.

You deserve a person who never leaves even when things start to get monotonous and boring, when the initial excitement of the relationship starts to fade, when the realities of life feel too overwhelming, when you feel like you’re always tired, always lost and always confused, when you’re not sure of your next step in life, and when you start to doubt your own capabilities. You deserve a person who keeps reminding you of the ways to survive, who keeps reminding you of all your strengths, someone who wants to fight your battles with you, someone who won’t ever let you feel alone.

I know many of you have that one person who just left, that person you always wished would come back somehow, the person you waited years for. I do too! But it’s time to stop waiting. It’s time to let yourself move on. And it’s time to start looking for a person who will never leave in the first place.

Because someone who has left you once won’t shy away from leaving you yet again, but a person who has the option to leave but still decides to stay is the person you should truly be with, and the kind of person you truly deserve!