Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Never settle for less than what you deserve and, of course, without a doubt you deserve the best.

Every other person has a different definition of love. We expect different things at different level but hey! Don’t you think we deserve the type of love that makes you feel loved and wanted? That makes you believe in fairy tales and happy ending? The one that never loses its shine and never provides a single dull moment.

Yes! You totally deserve someone who is capable of making you laugh effortlessly, someone who prioritizes you and never forgets to drop a message or a call. Someone whose love for you is bigger than his ego.

You deserve someone who can eat pizza and have popcorn in your pajamas and watches his favorite movie with you.  You deserve someone who always makes it to you, someone who treats you like a choice not an option. Someone who knows fries are your favorite late night snacks, someone who knows you have height phobia , someone who knows you cannot cook well but it’s completely  okay because you are their love interest not their cook. Someone who knows all your struggles and the pain and suffering you have gone through. Some who assures you that he is not leaving you, and you are a beautiful mess with equally beautiful scars. Someone who doesn’t offer physical intimacy but also provides warmth and healing for your soul.

You deserve someone who appreciates every little thing about you, not someone who makes small details irrelevant.  Someone who doesn’t make you believe that you are in their life to learn more about the opposite gender so that their next relationship is better than the one they are having with you.

You deserve someone who doesn’t mind holding a door for you, someone who will watch your favorite series every time but never feels bored because it’s about your happiness. Someone who doesn’t wait for special dates to give you a present, someone who surprises you with his words and actions that totally witness his consummate love for you.

You deserve someone who doesn’t push you into things that make your uncomfortable, someone who take care of your likings and disliking and avoid things that upset you. Trust us, your significant other will never smoke in front of you once he gets to know you hate smoking. He won’t take you to place that don’t appeal you. He won’t tell you to meet people you don’t like. He simply won’t indulge you in any kind of activity that makes you sore. - Continue reading on the next page