You Have To Choose Her Everyday

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 10 months ago
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Maintenance is to relationship like lightning is to storm; one cannot usually be without the other. Relationships are like those intricately woven woolen sweaters that, if get hooked and suffer strain, will go through destructive damage. People, habits, changes and difficulty in accepting the changes are what take a relationship through a sea of phases.

Relationships go long, we all know that. We know that if we see it is working out, we stay in it for as long as possible for it becomes a matter of love, not a mere choice, then. But what comes as a challenge is maintaining the relationship, and for maintenance, effort is the foremost requisite. And where effort is needed is treated as ‘another matter’, when it shouldn’t be.

It is about Choosing

It is a common practice for humans to get tired, bored of things or even people. When two people spend a lot of time together, get to know little to big things about each other and notice them every day, they are prone to getting bored with all of it, because it is human nature. But love asks not to get bored.

Most of us will agree on the fact that the beginning of a relationship is the best part of it, where the two people are hugging and kissing every day, all the time, where they are constantly trying to know more of each other. - Continue reading on next page