You will find love the day you finally stop searching for it

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Love will only be found when you least expect it. Because the truth, is the minute you decide to take your mind off of something, it finally starts to happen.

So it’s healthy for a person to just let destiny take control of their love life. After all, if something is truly meant to be, it WILL find its own way.

Allow fate to do its work. Allow the universe be your witness. And allow love to consume you when the time is right

One beautiful day, you will realize that love should never be forced. 

Letting the right person enter your life through chance will be much less exhausting and frustrating than to constantly wonder if every person who crosses your path is the ‘one’ for you. Allow love to find you when you are actually ready. If you agree to let love happen naturally, your chances of finding the right person will become much higher. And the person you finally end up with will be a match made in heaven, and not something that is artificial and man-made.

One beautiful day, you will understand why none of your past relationships seemed to work out.

When you will finally get to meet your other half, you will start to understand why none of your exes ever stayed. When you will meet the person who truly deserves the love you give them, you will start to understand why you and your exes were always meant to drift apart. All of the whys and what ifs that kept haunting you in the past will finally begin to vanish. And you will feel proud in saying,” I’m happy it never worked out with anyone else, but you.” - Continue reading on next page