Your Girlfriend with Anxiety Needs Your Help

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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If your girl has anxiety, she will try her best to not involve you in the emotions that eat her up all day. She will be anxious about more than just ordinary, routine things; her anxiety will make her more anxious and the thought that it might affect her relationship with you will be on top of everything.

What She Feels

Anxiety eats a person up like termites eat up wood; slowly but wholly. Every little thing appears to be a mountain that, if not climbed by the end of the day, will fall down upon her.

We all get anxious one or the other time about things that matter to us but when the extent of that anxiety increases, it takes more than just those few moments before going up on the stage or meeting our crush; severe anxiety makes us question everything and everyone around us.

With your girlfriend, if she is profoundly in love with you, will worry about a hundred things going on in the relationship but won’t be able to say it all in fear of annoying you. With anxiety, she will feel doubts growing in about everything: you, your love for her, her love for you, the relationship, the duration for which you two have been dating, the mistakes she has made, your behavior, the past, the present and especially the future. She will feel a sense of insecurity while thinking about the relationship. Continue reading on the next page and see why does she need your help.