Your Perfect Personality Match According To Your Zodiac Sign

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 8 months ago
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Sometimes you meet a person and feel that he’s the one for you, with the passage of time your feelings for him fade away because he’s different from what you thought of him to be. Sometimes, this can be explained by your zodiac. Here are some personality traits in your partner that are a perfect match for your zodiac sign.

  1. Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Capricorns, by nature, are very hard-working and dedicated to their work. Their incentive to succeed comes from status, wealth and authority. They are very reserved and take life seriously. They enjoy their independence but appreciate the presence of an encouraging person in their life. Apparently they act insensitive and indifferent but once they start to feel for someone, this tough shell breaks to reveal their loving side.

They need a fun-loving and a happy-go-lucky partner who can make their life a little enjoyable. They also tend to get attracted to people who possess the same traits as them. This way, it gets easy for them to bond with such people and to understand them better. They also look for a secure and supportive relation where they can balance the work and fun together.

  1. Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

These people are very innovative and the fun part is that they involve this creativity in their love life. They need a little independence to take initiatives and they love a little bit of thrill and adventure to make life fun. They are mind-oriented people and the clock of their mind keeps ticking every single second. They are blessed with an ability to manage pain and pleasure, effortlessly. Aquarians are very objective in judgment and never let any personal bias interfere with it.

Their partners should be energetic, high-spirited and very intense with their expression of love. They appreciate having a partner who is very sensual and hot-blooded. However, they want a partner who’s friendly and communicative because it makes them more optimistic about their relationship. Nurturance is a very important need in their relations. - Continue reading on next page