If She Sends These 10 Texts, She Is Interested In You

5. *Insert sincere compliment here*

It should be a no-brainer that she likes you if she’s sending you lots of compliments all of the time. It means she’s taking notice of all the best parts of your personality.

6. “Why don’t you come over some time?”

This is a significant move of vulnerability on her part, and it’s a massive sign for you. It means that she trusts and likes you enough actually to let you into her place of living. You are being given one foot in the door.

7. “Let’s go try this thing out together!”

She is mostly just luring you with a text like this. She is going to bring up some random fun activity that the two of you could to together as bait for you to spend more time with one another. She can’t get enough of you.

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