10 Signs A Guy Truly Values The Girl Who Loves Him

5. He knows how to read you.

You don’t even have to be talking in order for him to read you. He knows immediately how you are feeling just by seeing the look on your face. He knows how you would be reacting to certain people or situations. He understands the things that make you happy and the things that frustrate you. He might even know you better than you do.

6. He isn’t shy about showing you off to the world.

He would willingly hold your hand as you walk in public. He has no problems kissing you over dinner. He would love to bring you to the movies. He doesn’t want to hide you in his apartment. He doesn’t want to isolate you from the world. He would proudly show you off as a gold medal.

7. He commits to you wholeheartedly.

He’s not playing around when it comes to you. You can see and feel his dedication to you and to your relationship. You know that he’s not going to be fooling around. He takes your love seriously because it has managed to consume his life as well. He’s not going to take your love for granted at all.

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