10 Signs He is not interested in being a Relationship, Specifically With You

  1. He Doesn’t Look at You Like That:

We know that look of love that a guy gives when we are talking or doing something random. We see that his eyes mean something and his sly smile and words unspoken. We all see it when a guy truly is interested. If he is not, there will be no look whatsoever. There will be no electrifying eye contacts or no unspoken sentences because he is not as into the relationship as you are.

  1. He’s Been in Serious Relationships Before:

Maybe he is a guy who is always looking for a long-term relationship and not one who is ready for taking chances and waiting to see if it works out. Maybe he is not just patient enough. His previous long relationships might have raised his expectations regarding every relationship and he just fails to see the fun part, where two people are supposed to get to know each other.

  1. Always Family Before You:

A perfect couple knows how to balance their family life and their own separately. If you do everything to do so but he does not, and always chooses his family over you, then he is obviously not as intrigued as he should be by you. He is there to stand up for everyone but you. He is one call away for everyone but when it comes to you, he does not pick up.

  1. His Friends Say He is Ready:

If his friends say he is ready for a serious relationship and is up for committing to someone, it is the greatest sign. If his friends say that yet he shows no interest in you, then there is no point in trying anymore. He evidently does not think of you to be right person for him. He does want a relationship, but not with you.

  1. He is not a Player:

If he is not a guy who usually puts one or two months in a relationship then gets out of it, but is seems to do the same with you, then it is another strong sign that he is not interested. Some guys are not straightforward enough to admit they don’t like you, so you have to tell because it is healthy for your own self to get out of such a relationship.

  1. He Knows His Way With Things:

Generally, if he is a successful and smart guy who knows how to make people happy or convince them but is not trying to do so with you then he is not looking for anything with you. You don’t have feel bad about yourself; differences among people should be dealt with maturity, but if he does not want to hurt you, you ought to take things in your hands and confront him.

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