10 Signs He’s Faking His Love Just To Get You In Bed

3. He goes out without you a lot.

He seems to be going out a lot but he never wants to invite you. He’s always just out with his group of buddies and he doesn’t seem interested in asking you to join in.

4. He has a history of being a player.

If he has a history or a reputation for being a player, then you should be very wary of his type. It’s unlikely that he has changed just for you.

5. He still has his dating apps on his phone.

He’s still looking to keep his options open. It shows that the only attachment that he has to you is physical. Emotionally, he’s still searching.

6. He ditches plans on you last-minute consistently.

He isn’t really a man of his word. He doesn’t show you any signs that he’s willing to seriously commit to being with you for the long term.

10 Signs He’s Faking His Love Just To Get You In Bed 2


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