10 Signs of an Insecure Boyfriend

4- He gets jealous easily:

While most of the signs on this list are a basic generalization, your boyfriend may or may not be along the lines with them. This is a sure sign of an insecure boyfriend. He’ll get so incredibly jealous at the slightest indication that you like someone else. When in fact, you won’t actually like them at all.

They’re just making it up in their minds and acting like it’s the truth. They’ll make up a scenario where you leave them for some guy at work and act as they’ve just seen the future. They’ll over-analyze the situation and change it from something meaningless to something with a hidden meaning. You’re over there telling him for the billionth time that there really is nothing to worry about and he’s refusing to accept that.

He might outwardly accept it so that the day can go back to normal. Yet, seeing him again will make bring out the green-eyed monster all over again.

5- He’ll get aggressive:

After jealousy, it’s time for aggression. The guy who you saw as a sweetie, who wanted nothing more than to spend time with you, disappears completely in those fights. He’ll bring up complete and utter nonsense from weeks or even months before! He’ll act like that was something burning a hole in him since that time.

As if he’ll never forgive you for it even though the scenario was made up in his own mind. You’ll see how he gets mad when a guy actually does make a pass at you. The odd part is that he won’t blame him as much as he’ll blame you. Like, you were something meant for no one else but him and by letting some other guys develop feelings for you, you cheated on him.

6- He’ll overthink and over analyze meaningless things:

Insecurity is basically feeling like you can never be good enough. Everyone goes through phases of insecurity. There’s always something that we feel is wrong, it makes us human. I’m not trying to diss insecurities as something that’s really uncalled for because you can never know a person’s story.

However, you’re in a relationship with someone for a reason: they love you. Even if you’re insecure, there’s always a way to overcome it, and what better way than with your partner? If your boyfriend is insecure then he’ll over-complicate any situation which in turn complicates the relationship. It’ll be something relatively simple or completely meaningless. In fact, you yourself wouldn’t think much of it.

However, your boyfriend over thinks about it to such an extent that he can’t spend another second without having that cleared up. It’s another thing to be cautious, but a completely another thing to be like this. Over analyzing and overthinking is the root of all insecurities. They turn nothing into something and with the time that something becomes the purpose of their life. They’ll ask you questions you don’t have answers to because you never gave it the time of day. It’ll frustrate them that you can’t give them an answer.

7- He’s a little too obsessed with you:

Everyone likes to be pampered and feel loved. That’s natural, but as I’ve mentioned above, there actually is a thing such as suffocating love. No one likes to be suffocated and to think love could suffocate. They change their entire lives to give priority to you. You’d think it’s sweet, but it actually isn’t.

A relationship can form pretty easily. However, it’s difficult to maintain that relationship. In this way, they’re progressing far ahead and you aren’t ready for that. There’s a time for everything but they think that the time is in a couple of seconds instead of a couple of years. This puts you in a tight spot and no one likes to be made to choose at the moment. You need to think before taking a single step because then they’ll overthink it and it’ll burn a hole in them.

So, on one hand, you’re actually looking out for them whilst on the other, they’re making it hard for you. You have your personal space and even your partner isn’t allowed to invade that. You need some space to breathe and think properly before making any decisions.

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