10 Signs That Guys Think You’re Too Easy To Get

4. You have already been called “dramatic” or “extra” by him.

You’re just someone who is constantly craving attention – and he’s starting to take notice of that. Keep in mind that guys don’t typically like girls who stir up unnecessary drama. And so if he’s calling you dramatic, then that’s never a good thing.

5. You always make yourself available for him no matter what.

You can’t be so willing to drop everything in your life just for him. You have to maintain a sense of independence and pride. If you are just willing to prioritize him all of the time, then you are just giving him too much power. He has to respect the fact that there are other aspects of life that you need to be living. He can’t be the center of your universe.

6. You automatically become threatened or insecure at the sight of another girl.

You always feel like you could be replaced at any minute and so you become automatically threatened at the sight of another girl in his life. This insecurity could drive you and your guy farther apart.

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