10 Simple Ways To Show Her How Much You Love Her

6. Talk on the phone with her.

Do it like they used to do it before the internet. Don’t just settle for cheap text messages and chats. Actually talk on the phone with her every once in a while. Let her hear your voice. Listen to hers in return. Act like a couple of high school kids starting out a puppy love affair.

7. Support her as much as possible as she’s pursuing her dreams.

Be her number one cheerleader. Don’t ever serve as a roadblock to her dreams. Always make sure that you are pushing her towards her goals. You don’t want her to feel like you are ever holding her back. Show her that you love her by paving the way for her to actually reach for the stars. The best kinds of couples are those who push each other to be better.

8. Give her random compliments often.

Never shy away from throwing a compliment her way every once in a while. She would really appreciate it especially when she isn’t feeling so way. If you see her looking a little blue, tell her that she’s strong and that she’s beautiful. Tell her she can handle anything that is thrown her way. She will always love these verbal expressions of affection.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of hugs and kisses.

Hug her and kiss her as often as possible especially if she’s the kind of girl who likes to be showered with physical expressions of affection. There’s nothing like a good hug to lighten up a person’s mood.

10. Take a genuine interest in her passions and her hobbies.

Show her just how much you love her by actually taking an interest in her life. Try out her most favorite hobbies. Read some of her favorite books. Get to know what she does for a career. Watch some of her favorite movies. The point is that you immerse yourself in her life as much as possible.

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