10 Sure Ways To Find Out If He’s Really Into You

8. Be vigilant if he teases you.

He’s trying to endear himself towards you. He’s playfully tying to get closer towards you by acting silly around you. He wants you to know that he notices these little quirks about you because he’s really paying attention.

9. See if he starts to take up some of your mannerisms and habits.

Psychology has found that we often imitate the people we admire the most whether we are aware of it or not. So if he’s taking up a few of your mannerisms and habits, it’s probably because he admires you.

10. Analyze the frequency of the times you run into one another.

If the both of you keep on running into each other “by accident” in the most random places, then chances are that these aren’t chance encounters at all. He’s really doing his best to go out of his way to manufacture these run-ins with you.

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