Things they love:

1. Smooth skin.

Of course there’s no denying that a girl with smooth and fair skin is always going to be considered attractive. Perhaps it’s because commercialism has programmed guys to think this way, but there’s no denying that it’s something that men really look for in women.

2. Naturally long, smooth hair.

Just go natural, ladies. Guys hate it when you kill your hair with highlights and hair dyes. A lot of men are always attracted to women who are confident to present themselves as they are. You don’t always have to go through extreme makeovers to win a guy’s heart.

3. Bare eyes with no mascara.

For a lot of guys, your eyes will be the first thing that they notice. And just believe that guys are always attracted to girls with strong and attractive eyes. There’s no need to overpower the brilliance of your eyes with distracting mascara.

4. Emotional openness.

Stop being so guarded and so distant. Guys love it when girls are able to feel comfortable around them. It makes a man feel special and more attractive to a woman. He will also start opening himself up in the process. If you persist in feeling distant, you might end up driving him away.

5. Fresh breath.

Those toothpaste and mouthwash commercials must be doing the trick. There’s just something really attractive about a girl with fresh breath. Remember that fresh breath also comes in handy particularly when kissing. Nobody wants to kiss a mouth that smells like shawarma.

6. Reserved nature.

Guys are typically turned off by women who are a little too over the place. Men are greatly attracted to strong women who are subtle and discreet in their brilliance. You don’t need to be constantly talking and nagging to make people notice your presence.

7. Intimate sleeping positions.

Guys don’t generally like to admit it, but they love cuddling with you. It makes them feel good to know that you’re secure in their arms. They always love the feeling of being able to take care of you, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

8. Groomed hair (not on the head).

Sorry, ladies. But it’s important that you take care of the hair on the more intimate parts of your body as well. This includes the hair under your armpits and your lower regions.

9. Eloquence.

All men are attracted to eloquence. There’s nothing unattractive about a woman who is able to accurately and honestly speak her mind on important issues and complex topics.

10. Fidelity.

This should go unsaid, but loyalty and commitment are very important to men. While you do grant him your loyalty, it’s reasonable for you to demand such loyalty from him as well.

Things they hate:

1. Boisterousness.

Too loud. Men hate it when things just get too loud. You don’t have to be constantly shouting to get your point across. You can demand someone’s attention by being warm in your approach. You don’t always have to be screaming.

2. Clinginess and neediness.

Learn how to be independent and stand on your own two feet. Yes, guys like it when they are able to care for their women, but they love it even more when they know that their girls can stand their own ground.

3. Stinky breath.

Garlic breath? That’s a great way to ruin a potentially hot and steamy make-out session. Make sure you always have a breath mint or some mouthwash at hand.

4. Poor hygiene in general.

Take a bath regularly. Wash your hair often. Use deodorant. Wear clean clothes. Cut your nails. These are things that you are taught in kindergarten. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

5. Panty hoses.

Just go natural. Hoses look ugly and artificial. Also, guys are always attracted to women who are comfortable with who they really are.

6. Loud lipstick.

Too much makeup is already a big turn-off, but having incredibly loud lipstick is a deal-breaker. A lot of guys will love their women just as they are, and there’s no need to bastardize your face with brightly colored lipstick and rouge.

7. Hair extensions.

Just grow your hair out if you want longer hair. Stop being so impatient. Don’t cheat by using hair extensions. It looks unnatural and very unattractive to a lot of men.

8. Surprises in the sensitive areas.

Make sure you disclose any surprise you may have in your most private parts of the body. A guy doesn’t want to have any surprises when it comes to those parts. If you have weird piercings etc., it’s best to let him know beforehand.

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