10 Things He Does Which Mean That He’s Insecure

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He acts like a real gentleman. He drives to your house to pick you up for dates. He brings you roses every now and then. He takes you out to a fancy restaurant and he offers to pay for dinner. He showers you with so many compliments and sweet nothings. He tells you that you make him really happy; and that he just can’t believe how lucky he is to be with you. He acts as if he is so enamored by you with the way tha he conducts himself in your presence. He flatters you to the point wherein you feel like a real princess; a person of royalty.

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You love it. You like the feeling of having someone at your side who happens to appreciate the best parts of you. This is someone who doesn’t take you for granted; someone who is always thinking of you and your needs. This is someone who never wants to fall short of your expectations. You might even start to think of this person as the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life. However, you start to notice that the little things that you used to find endearing about him are now annoying. He becomes more obsessive than he is caring. He becomes more smothering than he is caring. And you know that this isn’t exactly what you signed up for.

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You get the feeling that he’s starting to act very possessive and territorial of you. You start to feel like he’s taking ownership of things that shouldn’t be his. It’s taking a toll on your energy levels having to keep up with him. He acts really needy and he requires so much of you; and you don’t feel like you can go on. Want to know the real deal? He’s insecure. And he needs constant validation from you to carry on.

He’s a guy who is so needy to the point that he’s going to drain you. He’s going to ask you to be his complete support system; and that’s going to end up placing a lot of strain in a relationship. When you find yourself in a relationship with a guy who is insecure, you’re going to need to do something about it. So, if your man is guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here, then he’s probably insecure.

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1. He doesn’t really have a social life outside of you.

You are his entire social life. His entire plane of human interaction is composed entirely of you. He is alone if he doesn’t have you. He doesn’t have a social life whenever you’re not around.

2. He constantly accuses you of having feelings for other men.

He always feels like he’s not good enough to lock you down and keep you committed. He is so insecure about his place in your relationship that he always thinks that you’re developing feelings for other men.

3. He tells you that he loves you way too early.

He wants to lock you down right away in the relationship because he is deathly afraid of losing you. And the only way he knows how to do that is if he says that he loves you outright. He wants to pressure you into saying the same thing to him as well.

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4. He asks you for constant validation in life.

He is so needy. He needs you to tell him that you love him because he always thinks that he’s unlovable. He needs you to reassure him of your feelings towards him because of his self-esteem issues.

5. He stalks you all over social media.

He obsesses over your social media activity because he wants to read into everything that you do or say. He really wants to make sure that he stays on top of everything that you’re up to; and sometimes, that means stalking you.

6. He invades your privacy a lot.

He snoops your phone messages. He goes through your camera roll. He doesn’t trust what you say. He needs to see it for himself.

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7. He gives up ALL of his time for you.

He really has no life outside of you. He willingly compromises any other aspect of his life just to be with you; and that’s unhealthy. He places too much pressure and value on your relationship.

8. The state of his mood is reliant on how you’re feeling.

He can’t think for himself. His mood totally depends on how you are acting and feeling. It’s as if he’s incapable of being his own person.

9. He gets angry when you’re unavailable to him.

He expects you to save ALL of your time for him. He acts entitled to get you whenever he wants. He acts as if he has full ownership of your time.

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10. He acts really sensitive when you criticize him.

He ALWAYS wants you to see him as a perfect guy. The moment that you criticize him on something, he breaks down. His fragile soul isn’t able to handle it constructively.