10 Things Men Love About Being In A Relationship (But Would Be Too Proud To Admit)

Relationships are great. And it’s no secret that there are many facets of a relationship that men tend to enjoy. Otherwise, why would they even be in a relationship in the first place? But what exactly does a man love about being in a relationship?  A lot of the time, it’s the female partner who is always so open and expressive about the parts of the relationship that she loves the most. Men typically tend to have more pride than women and they don’t really like to open up much about how they feel. This is especially true when men get together.

It’s not like a group of men would share a few beers with one another and discuss their most favorite parts of their relationships. That’s just a scenario that is unlikely to ever happen. And that’s why it’s very rarely known as to what mean really enjoy the most about being in their romantic relationships. It’s already given that a vast majority of men in this world aren’t really fond of opening up about the intimate details of their romantic lives.

You’re always going to have to ask them to open up, and even then, it’s a stretch. You would be lucky to get a really honest and straightforward answer out of them. And you’re left to wonder what these men really feel. Well, wonder no more. That’s exactly what this article is for. It’s going to paint a better picture for you as to what really goes on in the minds and hearts of men who are in love.

1. He loves being able to be comfortably silent with his girl.

He loves how he doesn’t even have to be saying or doing anything to have a good time with you. Even when it’s just the two of you sitting perfectly still in one another’s presence; he feels very comfortable. He doesn’t feel like he has to be forcing the issue when he’s with you.

2. He loves how seeing you smile can make him the happiest guy in the world.

It’s as if your smile is always so infectious on him – even the mere sight of seeing you smile is enough to bring so much elation and joy into his life. He loves that seeing you happy is enough to make him happy as well.

3. He loves how he can always count on you for support.

He really loves how much he can rely on you; how much he can depend on you. He loves how he knows that you’re always going to be there for him to help him through the toughest challenges of life.

4. He loves that you are also his best friend.

He really loves the fact that more than anything, you are his best friend. He loves how he is always able to confide in you about anything. He loves that you are the one he wants to be spending the most of his time with.

5. He loves that you inspire him to be a better man.

He really loves the fact that being with you just automatically makes him want to be a better man. You inspire him somehow. You push him to be better. You always make him want to find ways to improve who he is.

6. He loves having someone to share the most important moments of his life with.

He really loves that he has someone like you who he can share the important moments of his life with. He knows that this world is not meant to be lived through alone – and he wouldn’t want to be going through this life with anyone else but you.

7. He loves how you are able to make him calm when he’s feeling uneasy.

He loves how you are an instant stress-reliever and anxiety healer. He knows that he can always turn to you when he feels uneasy because you have such a calming presence in his life. It’s as if you always have the power to give him valuable perspective when his mind is all over the place.

8. He loves allowing himself to just be silly when he’s around you.

He loves that he can just let loose whenever he’s around you because you don’t judge him. He knows that he can just be his silly self and you would still love him for it.

9. He loves that you’re his automatic companion to everything.

He really loves that he can just assume you’re going to be there with him wherever he goes – and vice-versa. He likes that feeling of constant companionship; how he never has to worry about being alone ever again.

10. He loves the feeling of being loved.

And of course, he’s going to love the feeling of being loved by you – who wouldn’t? We all crave for love in our lives; and that’s probably the best part of being in a relationship for him.


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