10 Things Men Secretly Adore About The Women They Love

8. He loves that he can go to you for advice and direction.

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He loves that you’re the smart and kind one with whom he can share his problems. He knows that he can always turn to you when he is feeling troubled and overwhelmed because you would never judge him for his faults. He knows that you are very rational and that you would always do your best to make sure that no harm ever comes to him.

9. He loves when you express your affection for him physically.

He loves those surprise bear hugs and those stolen kisses. He loves it when you hold hands in public, or when you’re just cuddling together on the couch. Physical expressions of affection and intimacy don’t necessarily have to be sexual in order to be meaningful when it comes to you.

10. He loves it when you get lost in each other’s eyes.

There is no denying that he absolutely loves the fact that you can get lost in each other’s eyes. He knows that the eyes are a window to the soul, and he is delighted knowing that you are essentially letting him all the way in to the depths of your being.

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Ladies, does your man secretly adore you?