10 Things To Do To Make A Guy Realize That He’s Losing You

5. Be a little flirty with other guys.

Let him know that nothing is set in stone between the two of you. If he isn’t treating you right, then subtly remind him that you’re capable of getting with other guys as well. You shouldn’t cheat on him. That’s a big no-no. But a little flirtation here and there should be enough to serve as a warning to him.

6. Do some new things in the bedroom.

If there’s one thing that all men are afraid of losing, it’s sexual privileges. And if you remind him of how amazing you can be in the bedroom, then he’s going to think twice about losing you. Also, if you incorporate new stuff into your routine, he’s going to feel compelled to do the same.

7. Focus on yourself.


Try just focusing on yourself. Let him know that he doesn’t make up your entire world. Also, if you take some time to engage in self-care and self-love, he’s going to learn more about what he should be doing to make you feel loved as well.

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