10 Ways To Really Make Her Happy

5. Enjoy her presence:

10 Ways To Really Make Her Happy 2

Pick a particular day and make it more special than ever, take her on on a very romantic date, watch a movie with her, try cooking with her (I say try because I myself can’t cook at all, but I still work), watch her favorite TV show with her (no matter how much you really don’t want to), learn to enjoy her company more than usual. It’s gratifying, and it makes a relationship very strong and successful if you want nothing more but to spend just one more second with your significant other.

When I drop her home, I always take the long route because I want her to be with me even if it’s for a few more minutes. Once you genuinely enjoy “hanging out” with her, you’ll know why some people say, “I can’t live without her,” and THAT’s what true love is.

6. Show every possible bit of affection:

10 Ways To Really Make Her Happy 3

This one is going to make some people say, “Well, duh!”, yeah, I know, I would say that too. Still, this point needs to be also raised because some people ignore it during the middle of their relationships and then complain later on why their relationships are going downhill. Show as much affection as you can, she’s a woman; she needs to care for more than you think.

Again, I’m not saying women are weak in any way or men are stronger, I’m saying men need to love their women more because this habit is slowly fading away. People nowadays take relationships too calmly; they think relationships are temporary and have to end anyway, so why to put in the extra effort. WRONG! Relationships are solely based on how you treat them, how you groom them, how much effort both of you put in them. So be loving, as loving as you possibly can be, or stay single.

10 Ways To Really Make Her Happy 4


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