10 Women You Should Avoid Marrying At All Costs

Avoid these types of women.

There is no such thing as the perfect woman. Any man would be deluding himself if he continued to live life trying to find that one woman who ticks off all the boxes on his checklist. Of course, there is no such thing as finding the ideal woman in reality.

We can’t all afford to be so unreasonable with our expectations of women because we are never going to be able to find true love in that way. Men must always maintain a sense of understanding, patience, and sensitivity when it comes to building a relationship with a woman.

There’s just no point in hoping to get things to go his way every single time. The world just doesn’t work like that and we have to accept that fact sooner or later.

However, that isn’t to say that men should just abandon their standards for quality women completely. They just have to make sure that they are being reasonable and justifiable with the expectations that they set for their relationships. Men have to really figure out what they want out of life and love before that can really be ready to seriously date women.

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Different men are going to have different types. That’s just a plain fact given that we all have different personalities and worldviews. We all want different things out of life and those differences manifest themselves in our diverse tastes for women.

There is a vast abundance of women in the world who each carry with them their distinguishing factors. And while there is no true ideal woman that all men should generally be searching for, there are definitely some kind of women that all men should steer clear from. These are the kinds of women who need to grow and mature before they can really be ready for a relationship.

1. The woman who is a man-hater

She hates all men in the world just because this one guy was a douche to her back in high school. She now takes a general cynical view of the male species because of this one instance where an immature guy broke her heart.

2. The woman who only thinks about herself all the time.

It’s always never a good idea to date a person who is overly selfish. Remember that when you get into a relationship with someone, you should really be willing to make some compromises when you share your life with another person.

3. The shallow woman who only sees life in the terms of material items.

You are probably going to make your bank account bleed out just to make her happy; and sometimes, not even going broke for her is going to be enough. She is more interested in the material gifts that you can give her than she is about your love.

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4. The woman who can’t stop flirting with other men.

how to flirt with her

When you are in a relationship with a fine lady, she should only have eyes and a heart for you and you alone. She can’t be chatting it up with other men and making some flirtatious advances to them. That’s just a recipe for a bad situation.

5. The woman who goes to every single party every single weekend.

That’s just not a sustainable way to live. At some point she’s going to have to grow up and realize that not every weekend should be spent getting wasted in sketchy bars and noisy clubs. For now, you should just avoid dating her.

6. The woman who thinks she’s entitled to everything.

Never date a princess who think that the world owes her for her existence. You’re just asking for trouble and unnecessary stress whenever you do so. It would be like dating a toddler who would throw a fit if you refused to buy her something from the toy store.

7. The woman who is constantly needing attention.

Independence is the name of the game nowadays. You don’t want to be with a girl who is always dependent on your attention and time. You need to be able to live your own life outside of the relationship as well. You can’t afford to be waiting on her head to foot.

8. The woman who can’t mind her own business.

Never date a gossipy woman. You never know what she would be saying about you whenever you’re not around. You don’t want to be an accomplice to that kind of drama.

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9. The woman who can’t commit to anything.

Commitment is a very important aspect of any long-term relationship. If you notice that she has trouble committing to things, then chances are that she isn’t going to commit to you either. You better get out while it’s early.

10. The woman who doesn’t know the meaning of respect.

Quickest Ways To End A Fight

Respect. It’s the foundation for any kind of relationship really. If she is virtually unable of conducting herself in a respectful and respectable manner, then you are wasting your time by dating her.

Men, talk to me

Have you been with someone like this before? Let me know in the comments below!


    1. OMG: this woman I was with fits 7 out of 10 on your post I was constantly apologizing for things other men did to her it was a nightmare needless to say the relationship did not last

    2. I understand… Could also see some traits in myself that couuuld look like some of it sometimes 🙄😀👍😆….. Sometimes it’s just a little thing, it do t have to be something big!

    1. My now ex-wife fit 8 out of 10 imagine that and then Wonder why are we divorced LOL looking back on it now probably because got married for all the wrong reasons won’t make that mistake again

  1. Been with enough by now to value your sage wisdom.
    The Gossiper: will back stab her man..
    The flirt: Will find herself in a situation where she HAS to give up her virtues…
    Every Single One of these women are to be Absolutely avoided.
    In the end? You’ve wasted years for naught.!

  2. I was in a relationship where the girl didn’t commit to anything and we got married then divorced a year later I wish I would have seen this coming

  3. My last encounter was with one who ticked 8/10 .

    Add pathological lying and promiscuity and you have yourself a cluster b disordered woman.

    And that turned into a real life nightmare.

    But initially, she presented so well… 🤦‍♂️

    1. Same happened to me while I am trying to raise the child alone. Why do so many people not care. I have seen a lot of men raising children without the mother also. I lost 27 years of my life. And my child has never gotten to know real happiness no matter how hard I tried.

    2. Same with me.. 💯.. But problem is still I’m continuing the relation as we are married and kids are grown up. Don’t have a right fix for this yet. Struggling a lot.

  4. You make comments about not marrying a female that is flirtatious, but what about a man??? Is it alright that your man has to flirt with every other woman, and tell you, it not like I’m f*cling them. And I’m not talking about just flirting, I’m talking about texting them, messaging in messenger and signing up on all kinds of dating sites even though he was the one that wanted to be with you, and didn’t want you to leave, and then now that you’ve moved in you’re always dealing with the fact that he is always talking to other women behind your back and trying to make you feel like you have no idea what you’re talking about and that you’re just stupid about everything, and getting so mad at you because you bring up that you saw him reach for his phone to exit something, while he was standing in the shower, yet you’re the bad guy and you’re stupid, and don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. What are you supposed to do about that. When you have never lied to your man, or cheated on him, nor have you ever talked or looked at another man in a flirtatious manner since you’ve been with him. You always put him first and respect everything that he does for you and are always telling him thank you, and on the other foot telling him that you’re sorry for everything, because he is always telling you that you don’t respect him and that you are only about yourself and that you don’t care about what other people want or need, when you’re the one who doesn’t have anything out of life because you have always put everyone else ahead of yourself??? What are you supposed to do when all you want is the respect back, and to be loved, to feel love, and to get affection from the man that asked you not to go anywhere, that he really loves you and understands why you can’t be with a cheater,and agreas with you on the things that you feel are cheating??? Cheating as in the physically, emotionally, and the mentally, because all of those are forms of cheating. He agrees with all of that before you start your relationship and then he is the one messaging all of these girls, staying out all night one night and hangs out with a female and doesn’t tell you about it, until you tell him that you knew he was doing it because of an app that told you where he was, and he just gets mad at you for knowing where he was and tells you it isn’t any of your business what he is out doing or with whom he is doing what with, yet you don’t go anywhere without him nor hang out with any man that he is not around, except for when he steps outside to go to his vehicle for something and right back in. I really love this guy, but what do you do to get things back, without playing his same game, because you know that, that will just make things worse.

    1. But the subject is women not guys! I do agree some men are idiots, but this form is about women, I have seen where you can blast men or a man when talking about men are

    2. You never had it to get back! This is called gaslighting and narcissistic behavior! This person will never treat anybody right or respect anyone but themselves. Run fast and never look back. I’m so very sorry you fell in love with this person because they will never ever love you back. They don’t even want to know how. They are incapable of love. Best wishes sweetie and work on loving yourself again.

    3. This article is about women! Men are the same, yes true. Focus on the subject and stay on point so we can share experience on the topic.

    4. Hey girl!! I don’t know who you are of course and don’t know for sure of your life but sounds like a similar situation I have just realized myself. I wish I knew a way to contact you but kind of skeptical to leave mine here too. so, I want to say I am sorry, but you need to get out of that shit hole relationship bc a man who lies to ur face in denial is a dangerous man. he doesn’t care for your feelings or even getting caught. he is a narcissistic a**hole, and you should run!

    5. That’s what you call a narcissist.. they never change you need to leave the cycle of emotional abuse and disrespect and be free from this type of relationship.. invest in yourself again and build a life for you

    6. He’s never gonna stop and it’s always gonna be ur fault for everything and u the crazy one and u don’t know what u talking about. U always gonna be apologizing for his mess ups making u feel ur less than what u deserve to be and how u suppose to be treated. Hunnie believe me leave him it won’t get better and u only gonna continue to hurt snd he’s just draggin u while ur sittin being the faithful woman. Kick rocks ma girl u gonna hurt for awhile but u will survive I promise u.

    7. As someone who does like to flirt , yeap don’t marry us , if we doesn’t stop flirting while in a relationship, it won’t survive .in my entire life experience i dated 3 , only the first one was able to make me really love her , 6 months she was my everything . The other two I was not able to get the same vibe, i used to flirt a lot and wola it didn’t survive.

    8. RUN!!!! He IS A MONSTER!!! HE WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE & ANY CHANCE YOU HAVE AT PERSONAL HAPPINESS IF YOU STAY WITH HIM . VERBAL ABUSE & DECEPTION CAN BE FAR WORSE THAN PHYSICAL ABUSE. Would you Marry this guy? Think about that seriously. If there’s Any question at all, then there’s the answer. Marrying a “man-child” like him will NOT fix Anything . IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE & Lead to Divorce. If children are brought into your lives..they Will suffer the damage he causes for the Entire lives..Why do that?? YOU DEFINITELY DESERVE BETTER!!!

    9. You really should read what you wrote and think about if it was your friend writing it. You have to get out, this will only get worse. There is absolutely no way this will end well for you. He is emotionally abusive and if you stay he will wear you down until there is nothing left. Go find a real man.

  5. My last relationship she flirted with other men constantly online and in person, needed every man’s attention, can’t commit to anything, won’t mind her own business creating drama.

    I DODGED A BULLET she was the worst I’ve ever been with

    1. Not all women with tattoos and nose rings u gotta run from. U just gotta know how to watch out for the dead ends.

  6. My 2nd Ex-wife Was 7 Out Of 10 On These sad to say and unfortunately that is why WE are EX’s 😢🥺😢

  7. Lmfao…. In my “LIFETIME” I’ve dated all 10 of these type of women.
    More than twice too!! That’s why it is so funny… I thought, that I was
    going to learn something “BRAND NEW” than just something I already
    knew from past relationships in a cruel world of broken toys.
    L.A.WildMAN MD

  8. …….some scary stuff there
    Be real, be kind and truthful so you don’t waste anyone’s precious time…….be a good human ♥️

  9. Just got dumped by a man I was seeing for 31/2 years. Now realizing that he his a liar and a commit phobe. I don’t want to be that woman who hates all men because of it. There has to some good ones out there, but this is going to take a long time to get over.

  10. They left out one, number 11 stay away from a bipolar narcissist. Trust me they will drive you insane if you stick around.

  11. I am very female! All the things said in this article are valid. I think the same way about guys. I think sometimes we have to agree to disagree. Relationships are a two way street. The thing of it is that many of these things can be problematic for women too.

  12. Maybe we should stop the whole men vs women thing and just treat each other with the same respect we would like to be treated with. Just a thought. I mean we need both men and women in this world. Respect is something people make so difficult when it doesn’t have to be.

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