11 Signs That He’s Only Playing Around With You

9. He only ever spends time with you to hookup.

He doesn’t really make an effort to hang out with you. And on the rare occasions that he does spend time with you, the only thing that he wants to do is hook up. He doesn’t really want to establish any real emotional bonds or connections with you. He’s just content with hooking up.

10. He doesn’t follow through on commitments.

Whenever he makes promises and commitments with you, he rarely ever follows through. He doesn’t care much about disappointing you and hurting you. He doesn’t really think it important to follow through on the promises that he makes towards you. He has no problems with getting your hopes up and letting you down.

11. He is surrounded by girls all of the time.

He still constantly surrounds himself with women. It’s not just that he has a lot of female friends. He actively seeks out female friends. And the reason this is the case is that he’s just trying to make sure that he still has options.

By Relationship Rules

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