11 Signs You And Your Partner Are Meant To Be

5. You push each other to be better.

There is just a constant push always to be better. Whenever you are with your partner, they inspire you always to be the best version of yourself. And it’s the same with them. You know that the two of you add value to each other’s lives just by being in it.

6. You know how to forgive and be patient.

The two of you understand that neither of you is going to be perfect. You know that one is bound to screw up every once in a while. But this isn’t an issue in your relationship. You both try your best always to stay forgiving and patient with each other.

7. You practice humility.

You both understand the importance of practicing humility. In your relationship, there is very little room for ego. The two of you know that it’s always important to place the needs of the relationship above your selfish desires and wishes. You believe that it’s still the relationship above self.

8. You always listen to one another.

You always make it a habit to listen to one another. You still pay attention to what the other is trying to say. It’s not all about just you saying anything and everything that you want. It’s also about making sure that you listen to each other’s needs.