11 Things Guys Do That Women Find Disgusting

4. You wear dirty underwear.

This is essentially the dirty jeans all over again. If you don’t have enough clean underwear in your rotation, then you need to start buying more. You can’t be content with just recycling your underwear over and over again without having them washed.

5. You go for long stretches without shaving or haircuts.

Essential grooming should always be a given at this point. If you’re going for the long hair look, then that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to grow a beard, then that’s fine. Just make sure that you’re grooming correctly. Having long hair and an unruly beard doesn’t make you look manly. It just makes you look more sloppy.

6. You burp or fart in public.

Burping or farting is inherently disgusting in itself. However, it’s even more embarrassing on her part whenever you do it in public.

7. You don’t brush your teeth right away after waking up or eating breakfast.

No one likes morning breath. You might think that those morning kisses are sweet and romantic. However, your breath is going to make it hard for her to appreciate the gesture.

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