11 Things He Hates That You Do (But Won’t Tell You About)

5. You drink more than you are able to handle.

Nobody likes having to take care of a drunk person. Sure, it was meant to be a fun night out with friends, but the fun stops when you aren’t able to handle your alcohol anymore. Guess who is going to have to take care of you when things start getting out of control: your boyfriend. It’s not easy taking care of a drunk person especially when there is vomit involved. Don’t subject your man to that kind of torture and learn to drink responsibly.

6. You start fights with him in public.

The last thing he wants in the relationship is unnecessary drama; especially when it’s the drama that is made public. Men tend to be a lot more discreet than women, and they hate it when their personal drama gets caught up in the lives of other people. Stop trying to pick fights with him in the presence of other people. Whatever issues you have with each other can be settled in the confines of your own home or apartment.

7. You try to change how he looks.

He already has his sense of style and identity. It would be very belittling and demeaning if you turned him into your own little fashion project. It would be okay for you to let him know about your opinions on how he dresses or cuts his hair, but you should never be imposing.

8. You make him the butt of your jokes in front of your friends.

No one ever likes being the butt of the joke. Sure, it’s important for people to develop a sense of humor, but no one ever really enjoys being ridiculed in public. Avoid making him the butt of your jokes just to get a laugh out of your friends. It’s essentially telling him that you don’t respect him as a person and you are willing to damage his ego to prop yourself up.

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