11 Things He Hates That You Do (But Won’t Tell You About)

9. You stop making an effort to look attractive to him.

Just because you’re together and he has already expressed his love for you doesn’t mean you should stop trying in the relationship. You should both still be making constant efforts to love each other more and more every day. That means keeping in shape, staying healthy, and dressing nicely for each other.

10. You make your own plans without consulting him or letting him know.

The very fact that you’ve consented to be in a relationship with each other means that your time is no longer entirely your own. You are choosing to share your time with each other, and it can be upsetting for him to know that you make plans without consulting him first. You should both maintain open lines of communication with each other at all times.

11. You put pressure on him to move faster in the relationship.

Don’t rush him into anything. Let the relationship take its natural course and be patient. Just because you’re ready to jump into marriage doesn’t mean he’s ready too. You have to be considerate of each other’s pace and you should both be willing to make a compromise. You can’t be pressuring each other into anything.

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