12 Guys Reveal The One Thing They Wish Their Women Would Stop Doing

Haven’t you ever wondered about the thoughts and feelings that your partner might be having about you and your relationship? Especially the negative ones? You know that guys typically aren’t always going to be the most open and honest when it comes to romantic relationships. And it can be a real struggle for you to try to figure out if something might be bothering him about your relationship.

You might be guilty of doing a few things that really frustrate him and you might not know it. If you’re curious about how a guy’s mind typically functions, then you might want to read on until the very end of this article. Highlighted here are the testimonies and admissions of 15 guys on the number one thing that they wish their ladies would stop doing.

1. Michael, 25

“She really needs to learn to take a compliment. She has this thing wherein she just completely doubts whatever compliment I give her. She tells me that I’m either lying or joking. And it just makes me feel really awkward about giving her compliments altogether.”

2. Jaime, 29

“The one thing that I hate about my girl is the fact that she keeps me waiting ALL the time. Whenever I come to pick her up at a time that we’ve already agreed upon, she’s never ready. It always takes her another 20 minutes before she heads out the door and into my car.”

3. Tony, 40

“I hate her indecision. Sometimes, I just wish that she would be the one to call the shots in the relationship even with just the little things. I find myself always being the one who decides where to eat and what movie to see. And when she doesn’t enjoy it, it ends up being my fault.”

4. Jesse, 23

“I hate how she expects me to read her mind all the time. There are some instances wherein she will get really upset at me over something that I did. And I don’t know about it because she never really pointed it out. She’ll just keep on acting weirdly until I force it out of her.”

5. Mark, 32

“It’s so frustrating whenever she gets food from my plate while we’re eating out together. It might seem petty. I understand that we’re supposed to be sharing everything in life. However, whenever I ask her if she wants to order her own thing, she insists on not ordering and just taking something from my plate instead. I’m hungry too.”

6. Carl, 27

“I hate when she assumes that I want to hear about her gossip that she has about other women I don’t even know. I understand that I’m always supposed to listen to my girl. But it also gets to a point wherein I just want to tune her out at times.”

7. James, 32

“Nothing ticks me off even more in our relationship than just staring at the back of her phone during our dates. If we’re out on a date, I want her full attention to be on me. I want her to focus on me and on our date. But instead, she’s browsing through her Instagram feeds. It makes me feel very insulted.”

8. Viktor, 35

“Passive-aggressive behavior is really annoying. And it’s something that my girlfriend is guilty of all of the time. Instead of just coming right out and telling me what’s wrong, she insists on just dropping passive-aggressive hints in an effort to make me feel bad and guilty. It’s quite immature and frustrating to deal with.”

9. Ronald, 29

“It might seem like such a small thing but I really get upset whenever she talks while we’re watching a movie. I really see no point in her commenting a lot about the things on the screen as it’s happening. I want to focus on the film for a while. Is that too much to ask?”

10. Ben, 22

“I really hate it whenever she airs our dirty laundry out in public. Our relationship isn’t a perfect one. I know that. But I really hate it whenever she brings our problems to conversations that she has with her friends. I’m a very private person.”

11. John, 26

“I don’t have a lot to complain about my girl. But if there’s one thing that I could change about her behavior, it’s her reluctance to argue with me. Instead of trying to fix an issue, she would rather just ignore it and pretend that nothing’s wrong.”

12. Kenneth, 31

“I just wish that she would stop assuming that I constantly want to have sex all of the time. It’s really insulting to know that she sees me as a purely sexual creature who doesn’t really have any other interests in life. I’m so much more than just my sexual desires.”

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