12 Signs You’ve Officially Moved On From Your Ex

1. They don’t really consume your everyday thoughts anymore as much as they sued too. Sure, when the breakup was still fresh, you couldn’t just help but think about your relationship – your failed relationship. Your waking thoughts used to be consumed by your ex. But nowadays, you rarely think about them. And that’s a sign that you’ve really moved on.

2. Whenever you run into your ex in public, you don’t just turn into a rambling puddle of mud anymore. You don’t completely lose yourself and act hysterical. In fact, you don’t really feel your heart race anymore. You just keep your cool and your composure. You act normally as you would with any other person.

3. You have engaged with romantic relations (and even sexual ones) with new people and they don’t really feel awkward. At first, when you just started dating after your breakup, it felt really weird. You felt uncomfortable connecting with someone who wasn’t your ex. But now, it doesn’t feel weird at all. It feels really natural for you to be exploring your options. It feels okay for you to be opening yourself up to love again.

4. You actually start to forget very specific details about the relationship that you used to hold dear. When you were in the relationship, you were obsessing over the little details. You were always paying so much attention to everything. But nowadays, they all seem so trivial and insignificant. In fact, you don’t really remember much of them anymore.

5. You don’t really feel any anger or hatred for your ex. If at this point, you still hate your ex, then it would be fair to say that you’re not really over them. You still have feelings for them – albeit, negative ones. But the fact is that the feelings remain and you haven’t moved on yet. But if you’re feeling more indifferent now, then that’s a sign that you’ve definitely moved on.

6. You don’t really stalk your ex on the internet anymore. You don’t try to ask mutual friends about the whereabouts and activities of your ex. In fact, you don’t really concern yourself much about how your ex is living their life at this point. You are just far too concerned with your own life. You are too caught up with everything that you have going for yourself and you’ve definitely moved on. You don’t try to orchestrate seemingly random run-ins anymore. You don’t try to involve yourself in your ex’s life anymore.

7. Whenever your ex-reaches out to you and they try to ask you to hang out, you can just say no without really thinking about it. You don’t really feel tempted to spend time with them anymore. You are so good at not letting yourself fall back into that trap because you are no longer concerned about revisiting the past. You know that you’ve moved on and you’re looking towards the future.

8. In fact, you might be so over your ex that you’ve taken some major steps to erase them from your life. You’re unfollowing them on social media because you know you’re never going to interact anymore. You have deleted their number from your phone because you know that you’re never going to be tempted to call them again. You let go of any all mementos that might still remain from your relationship. You don’t cling to anything that reminds you of the past anymore.

9. You are no longer scared of falling in love with someone else. A lot of times, a failed relationship can damage a person to the point that it scares them into not wanting to fall in love again. People might be so scarred by the failed relationship that they find it difficult to become vulnerable again. But if you show a willingness to take a leap of faith for love once more, then you’ve definitely moved on.

10. You’ve decided to come clean with yourself about what that relationship meant to you and the role that your ex-played in your life. You don’ try to let your biases lead the way. You acknowledge the fact that the relationship was important to you at a certain point in time. But you now acknowledge that it stays in the past.

11. You don’t try to obsess over winning the breakup anymore. A lot of people who go through breakups try to turn it into a contest. They try to see who is coping with the breakup better. And you might have been guilty of that at first. But if you’re no longer concerning yourself with that kind of stuff, then you know that you’ve definitely moved on from the relationship.

12. You can honestly tell yourself that you’re happy for your ex when you know that they moved on from you as well.


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