13 Signs That A Guy Is Crazy In Love With You

9. He expresses a genuine interest in your life.

He never stops trying to get to know you. He always makes an effort to know more about your life by asking you questions and engaging you in conversation.

10. He makes an effort to impress the important people in your life.

He is always going to make a genuine effort to impress the important people in your life. He does this because he considers them to be important to him as well.

11. He makes it a priority to make you happy.

He is always going to prioritize your happiness over a lot of things in life. He will try his best to make you as happy and as joyous as possible even if it means sacrificing his own happiness at times.

12. He is there for you even through the rough times.

Even when times get rough, you know that he’s always going to be the kind of guy who would stay with you. You can always count on him to be there for you whether it’s convenient for him or not.

13. He always shows his gratitude and appreciation for you without fail.

You know that he’s the kind of guy who is never going to take you for granted. When it comes to gratitude and appreciation, there is never a shortage of it from his end. You always know that he values the fact that you’re in his life and that you’re his girl.

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