13 Things You Do Which Really Satisfy A Woman In The Bedroom

8. Be dynamic with who gets to lead.

Be aggressive. And be submissive. You don’t always have to play and fulfill specific roles. You are both perfectly free to take turns with who gets to take the lead. She is going to like that mix-up because it adds a sense of variety in your sexual routines.

9. Make sure that the bedroom is clean.

One of the biggest mood-killers for women is going into a very messy and untidy atmosphere. She isn’t going to be able to focus on having sex with you if she’s distracted by your dirty laundry that’s plastered everywhere.

10. Allow her to spend the night.

If you’re doing it at your place, then make her feel okay with spending the night. She is going to be appreciative of the hospitality. And it will make her feel that it’s not just all about the sex.

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