14 Signs That Your Relationship Has A Crazy Bedroom Life

5. You try new things with each other often.

You’re not afraid to explore each other in bed. You are always open to trying new moves and positions because you trust each other enough. Even though some of these sexual conquests aren’t necessarily in your comfort zone, you feel comfortable because of your partner.

6. You feel sexy whenever you’re around each other.

You can’t explain it. Whenever you’re around other people, all your insecurities about yourself will shine through. You think you are a very flawed and vulnerable person in public. But in private, when you’re alone with your partner, you feel like you’re an incredible human specimen with unbelievable sexual prowess.

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7. You reminisce about memorable bedroom moments you’ve shared together.

You’ve had such an active sex life, you have ended up sharing lots of valuable memories with each other in bed. You talk about these memories often, and you try to replicate these experiences every once in a while.

8. You feel comfortable with being honest with each other.

You don’t ever feel the need to censor yourself. You’re very open and honest about your needs and expectations in the bed. You are also very understanding and receptive of your partner’s personal needs and you try your best to satisfy each other the best way that you can.

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