14 Signs That Your Relationship Has A Crazy Bedroom Life


10. You have set nicknames for each other.

You’ve reached a level of intimacy wherein you might even have nicknames set for each other; you can even take it to the next level by having nicknames for each other’s body parts.

11. You trust each other.

Whether in bed or in public, trust in a relationship is very important. If you know that you have a solid relationship that is built on pure honesty and uncompromising trust, then you’re probably safe.

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12. You spend a lot of time together in the bedroom.

You don’t necessarily have to be doing the deed. You could just be snuggling up in bed and watching some television. You could just be cuddled up together and talking about whatever you want. Bedroom time is important, private, and intimate.

13. Physical intimacy is not a rarity with you.

You never feel awkward about touching each other. You know your limits though. You don’t do too much PDA because you know it makes other people uncomfortable, but you never feel awkward. You always love the feeling of each other’s touch and you crave it always.

14. You make time for sexual intimacy because it is important to you.

Anything you make time for is important to you. When you both take time out of your busy schedules to be sexually intimate, then that’s a sign that both of you value your shared sexual lives.

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