15 Common Reasons Why A Man Breaks Things Off With A Woman He Loves

11. Underappreciation

There is a good chance that you can take your loving boyfriend for granted and he’s not going to want to put up with it. If a man loves you, he’s going to do whatever it takes to make you feel his love. But if you don’t show him gratitude or appreciation for it, he isn’t really going to feel inspired to sustain it.

12. Competitiveness

A relationship should never be a competition. When two partners act too competitively, it can breed a culture of toxicity and resentment in a relationship. People in healthy relationships should always act like a team.

13. Intellectual Disparity

Sometimes, a man is going to want to be with a girl he is intellectual equals. If a girl is too smart for him, he might feel intimidated. If a girl isn’t as smart as him, then he might end up feeling bored.

14. Lack of Communication

Any kind of relationship is always going to require a healthy dose of communication. And whenever the two of you lack in communication in your relationship. He might feel like his love for you isn’t enough.

15. Irreconcilable Plans

Sometimes, you are going to have certain plans that just won’t mesh. You might be heading a certain direction and your partner might be heading in another. And whenever that’s the case, your relationship is likely to fall off the rails.

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