15 Non-Verbal Ways That He’s Telling You He Loves You

6. He doesn’t shy away from physical intimacy with you.

He knows that being physically intimate with someone is part of being able to build a strong emotional connection with that person. He always wants to make sure that you know just how important you are to him.

7. He puts time and effort in deciding on gifts to give to you.

It’s not just about how much the gifts cost. For him, his love for you can’t be quantified with a monetary value. When he gives you a gift, he makes sure that he really thinks about it. He wants to make sure that it’s a gift that you’re going to appreciate and love with all of your heart.

8. He runs errands for you even when you don’t ask him to.

He wants to make your life as easy as possible. And so even when you don’t ask him to run errands for you, he does so willingly because he knows it would help you a great deal.

9. He is always trying to make you laugh when you’re together.

He knows that he wants to be more than just a pretty face to you. He wants to be more than just someone you have a crush on. He wants to be a guy who can make you laugh even when you don’t want to smile. He’s a guy who wants to be able to bring as much happiness and joy into your life as possible.

10. He tries his best to act like a perfect gentleman when he’s around you.

He understands that manners are important. He doesn’t want to be a slob when he’s with you. He always want to put forth the best version of himself just so you know that he’s always willing to put in the effort for you.