17 Tips In Kissing That Men Could Use To Make Their Women Happy

8. Don’t go all out the moment you arrive at her lips. Give her short, soft, and gentle kisses. Gradually progress towards more passionate and intense kisses as time goes on.

9. Don’t be linear in your kissing path. Transition between kissing her lips, neck, and chest. She will find excitement in the sporadic nature of your kissing.

10. Don’t get too intense too fast. Take things as slow as possible. Let her enjoy the buildup. Slowly slide your lips across hers to make her feel the full experience of your lush lips.

11. Don’t hurry. Don’t rush. Enjoy the moment. Savor every sensation. Don’t take this moment for granted and don’t let anything elude you.

12. Make sure to breathe. Kissing can be difficult to enjoy when you’re excessively out of breath. Take a few one-second pauses to catch up on your breathing. Look into her eyes as you take your short pauses to let her know that your focus is entirely on her.

13. Communicate sweet nothings to each other. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her that you love her. Tell her that she’s amazing and that you won’t ever let her go.

14. Kiss without expectations. Yes, it would be great if your kissing eventually led to sex, but anticipation can take away from the actual kissing experience. Just live in the moment. Enjoy it and let the chips fall where they may. Let your intimacy take its natural course.

15. Make subtle noises. Make some soft grunts or moans to let her know that your emotions are overwhelming you at the moment.

16. Compliment her on her kissing skills. Let her know whenever you’re enjoying what she’s doing. This is a great way of letting her know that you’re comfortable with being honest. It also gives her the confidence to try new things with you.

17. As you have her in your arms, lay her down softly on a surface while you’re on top of her and unleash all your passion on her lips as you do.

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