18 Signs your Partner Has Lost Interest in the Relationship

13. They start cheating on you

Loyalty’s only when you care deeply enough for that person but if not, you jump to the next one and make it like it never happened with you. If your partner actually cares about taking the relationship to a serious level, they will never go and cheat on you.

It’s only when they stop caring or lose their interest in you and the relationship that they waste their time with someone else. You need to tell yourself here that it isn’t about you but them. You didn’t break the loyalty oath, they did.

14. No efforts made to protect you

It doesn’t have to be saving you from a burning building or being your knight in shining armor and saving you. No. sometimes, all it takes to save someone is to remind them who they are, help them find their place in life and the world again when they get lost, to give them even a flicker of hope.

If your partner does not show any interest in saving you or not even asking you what you are going through, they do not care anymore.

Not protecting you or at least trying to do so would also mean your partner won’t fight for you and the relationship, once they lose interest in it. If your partner lets little obstacles come in the way of your relationship, they don’t deserve your time.

If they did, they’d want to fight for the bond you two share, not throwing it away when things get rough. If people talk bad about your relationship and your partner just lets them, would you think them worthy of the struggle?

15. They do not bother remembering what you say

When we really care about the person speaking, we listen to them. When we do not care, we are just hearing. It might be something you said last week or just a couple of minutes ago if your partner does not even bother recalling it, much less keeping it in mind despite your emphasis on how important that thing is to you then take it as a sign they do not care enough for you nor their relationship with you to listen to what you say.

16. They make you cry more than often

When your partner hurts you and makes you cry then does not even come and make sure you are okay really, could they be more careless and non-serious about the relationship? It does not matter to them what consequences their words and actions will have on you so would you want to be with someone like that?

Every tear wasted in the name of love and care should matter to the other person. So shouldn’t waste spilling them over someone who does not care for them either way.

17. They have it all to themselves

Whether it’s going out on a Saturday night or planning a trip with friends together – when your partner doesn’t pay much heed into being with you and at least trying to maintain the relationship with you, they’ll keep all the good stuff for themselves and not bother including you in any of it.

Being together means doing all the fun things together too but if they don’t care at all, why would it even matter to them that you are out there with them enjoying some happy moments?

Wanting all the good things for themselves steals your partner’s ability to compromise with you too, because that would mean you getting some of that good stuff every once in a while too. Whether it’s you asking them to order Sushi instead of pizza or playing FIFA instead of watching The Notebook as long as your partner can’t find the heart to make little compromises for you, they won’t do so in bigger issues later on mainly because they don’t bother where the relationship will be like “later on.” It’s because they don’t care enough about it.

18. They have commitment issues

You have to realize that it isn’t always you; it’s got to do with what the other person wants. If your partner has fear committing to a relationship, in their mind’s eye they wouldn’t even for a minute deem it necessary to care about where the relationship is going.

You’ll know your partner has lost interest in the relationship when you feel like you don’t know them anymore because their lack of commitment will leave you questioning their place in the situation. When you sit in a room across from them and looking at them, you don’t feel it anymore that things would be okay, and that they aren’t your home anymore, or a calm background to your chaotic life. They’ll become somebody you used to know.

You’ll know instantly they aren’t worthy of your love and effort when they turn your good days into bad ones. Your partner is meant to increase your spark, not deflate your bounce.

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