20 Signs They’re Cheating On You

4. They NEVER show/let you use their phone

It’s true that no one should have their privacy invaded. Having said that, if they’re absolutely paranoid about you even so much as looking at their phone, then they’re obviously hiding something. And what else would they hide from someone who knows them inside out, the other man/woman of course?

5. The constant lying

The few times that they’re generous enough to answer your questions, all you get are lies. Be it about what they’ve been doing, or where they’ve been, or who they’ve been with, all you get are lies. You shouldn’t be afraid to confront them about the lies just because it’d hurt them or infuriate them. They’re on the wrong here, and no one should allow themselves to be treated like that.

6. The sudden makeover

They’re doing their hair differently, switching wardrobes and working out just because they feel like doing it. Even though you’ve been after them for the longest time to join the gym, they do so long after you’ve given up trying. And it’s not even for you. They don’t even care if you notice the change or not. And you know them too well to be sure that they’re not doing it just for the sake of it. There’s definitely someone else in the picture, someone to take your place.

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