20 Signs They’re Cheating On You

7. The scent on them is not their own alone

Have they been smelling different lately? You’d obviously know if they were trying a new scent, but that’s not the case. Additionally, you know that it’s something that the opposite gender would be wearing and that it’s not yours. The last option left is the worst; they’ve been with someone else.

Maybe you fail to notice these signs in them even when they’re present. You feel bad for doubting their loyalty to you. Trust your instinct. If it is persistent on telling you that your partner might be cheating you then it may actually be true. Don’t be afraid of confronting them. Don’t be scared of hurting their feelings, they’re to blame and you’re the one who’s actually been wronged. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be treated like that. Just don’t ignore these signs, when you see them, and then do something about it.

8. They leave the house looking their absolute best.

You get the sense that somehow they are putting a lot of effort into trying to look their best whenever they leave the house. If your partner isn’t metrosexual, then this might definitely be a cause for concern. They might actually be trying to impress someone outside of the relationship. And that person definitely isn’t you.

9. They never give you a straight answer on anything.

Whenever you try to confront them about something surrounding their activities, they dodge the question. They never really give you a straight answer. It’s either they give you some vague or ambiguous answer in an attempt to confuse you or them just straight-up try to change the topic entirely. Sometimes, if they’re desperate, they’ll even act upset at you asking such a question.

10. They don’t fight with you anymore.

You might think that it’s a good thing that your partner doesn’t engage in fights with you anymore. However, fights are actually good for a relationship. When your partner argues with you, it means that they’re still invested enough in the relationship to actually fight for it. If they act like they don’t care, then you definitely should be worried.

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