20 Signs They’re Cheating On You

16. They don’t invite you out to hang out with other people.

They never really take you out for parties or gatherings anymore. Whenever there is an office party, they don’t ask you to accompany them. Whenever they have to attend a dinner with friends, they don’t ask you to tag along. Perhaps it’s because they know that you’re going to bump into someone who they don’t want you to bump into.

17. They act irritable and tense in the relationship.

They don’t really act like they’re still happy in the relationship at this point. They don’t express any joy or elation at the idea of being with you anymore. It’s as if your very existence is such a big burden to them. It really seems off because he’s just always acting as if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, and yet, he doesn’t initiate the breakup.

18. They get a lot of text messages from unsaved contacts.

Even though you might not really be snooping through their phone or their messages, you can still catch glimpses of their phone from time to time whenever the screen lights up and they receive a new message. And you notice that a lot of these messages or calls are coming from unregistered numbers. That means that they’re trying to hide certain contacts from you.

19. They delete a lot of the evidence online.

You notice that whenever you catch a glimpse of all their online stuff, they are always wiping the slate clean. It’s as if they’re trying to clear all potential evidence that could be found of the crime scene. They don’t want to take any chances on your detective skills. They would rather just completely erase everything to be sure.

20. They tell you that there’s someone else.

And of course, lastly, if he actually just comes right out to tell you that he’s already seeing another person, then you know that things are almost practically over between the two of you. It might be bad that he’s telling you that he’s cheating on you. But at least he was brave enough to come clean about it on his own. He didn’t allow you to find out from someone else. He made sure to be the one to let you know of his infidelity.

At the end of the day, getting cheated on is always going to be terrible. There is just an inherently different kind of pain that comes with getting cheated on by someone you supposedly love. You always want to try to stay loyal, faithful, and committed to your man for the sake of your relationship. But to find out that the person you trusted the most in this world is also the first one to stab your back can be really heartbreaking. That’s why it’s really a different kind of pain. Betrayal isn’t something that is easy to recover from.

And even though you might think that this is your fault. You shouldn’t. Yes, your relationship may not have been a perfect one, and you may have had your shortcomings as a partner. But that should never serve as a valid excuse or reason for anyone to ever cheat on you. You must always make sure that you stay loyal in your relationship in spite of the things that happen in it. That’s what they mean when they say that you should stay true in good times and bad. If he screws you over by cheating on you, then that’s his fault. There’s no excuse for it.

Now, you have a choice here. It’s either you try to forgive him and you take him back. You try to work your relationship out and you take another chance on your partner. The other option is for you to just walk away from the relationship altogether. Sometimes, it can be really hard to recover from a case of infidelity in a relationship. It’s never an easy situation to deal with. But whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you actually own up to your decision. 

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