24 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Them

21. Throw that worn-out boxer

Throw that dirty old boxer out. We can see literally see the elastic through the worn-out cloth. No, you’re not being economical by holding on to that boxer for dear life. You’re not being smart about your money. In fact, you’re being really dumb by clinging on to that dirty boxer short that is ridden with all sorts of holes and tears. Of course, there is value in being able to take care of the things that you own and maximizing all of your possessions. However, it can get really weird when we’re out in public together and I know that there’s a hole the size of the moon in your underwear.

It’s not like you’re poor and you can’t afford to buy new underwear. It doesn’t even have to be anything expensive! It just has to be something that works and is without any holes or dirt marks in it. Also, think about those times when we’re about to have sex. I get really into the mood and I’m so excited to get intimate with you. But then, the moment you unzip your pants and I see those worn-out undies of yours, it can be a really big mood killer. So, please, for the sake of our sex life, invest in better underwear.

22. We like foreplay

Saying that we like it is an understatement, we absolutely love it! Don’t make intimacy feel like a job! Just saying. It should probably go without saying at this point that sex is always going to be a very important aspect of building intimacy, love, and passion in a relationship, right? So, this should be enough incentive for you to be taking our sex life more seriously. As women, it’s much harder for us to reach climax as compared to men. That’s just the way that our bodies are wired.

And we don’t expect you to always help us finish every single time. It’s just that we would appreciate any efforts on your part to help us enjoy the sexual experience as a whole. This is why foreplay is really important to us. For one, it’s going to help us climax because of all the tension that is built up during this period. Also, we find it to be a lot of fun as well. So, even if you want to rush towards the eye of the storm, we hope that you’re patient enough to be able to accommodate our requests for proper foreplay. At the end of the day, if you indulge us in this, then know that our gratitude is always going to be there. And you’re efforts certainly won’t go unappreciated.

23. Tell your mom to not interfere so much

I do love her, but I cannot live my life the way she wants me too. I have my own preferences and ideals. Understandably, you love your mother. This was the woman who gave you life and brought you into this world. Naturally, she raised you and helped mold you into the man that you are today. She turned you into the guy that I fell in love with. And for that, I am extremely grateful. I am happy that she managed to raise you well. However, you are also your own person and you fell in love with me on your own accord as well.

Now that we are in this relationship together, I should expect you to respect the fact that our relationship is ours and ours alone. Your mom has the right to give you her input on our relationship. However, ultimately, it’s OUR choice as a couple that matters most. She should not get a bigger say than I do over how I’m going to raise our kids or how we’re going to do things in our household. You love your mom and she has a very important place in your life. But shouldn’t my place be just as important? Please tell your mom that she’s okay to express her opinion, but she shouldn’t be imposing it on us as if we’re kids.

24. Don’t forget important dates

Remember our birthdays and anniversaries; it’s so upsetting when you fail to remember your own birthday. But seriously, when you make an effort to be more mindful of these important dates and milestones, it really matters to me. The fact that you remember anniversaries is going to tell me that our getting together is something that is really important to you. When you try to remember my birthday, it lets me know that I’m one of the most important people in your life. At the end of the day, that’s all I could ever want to be.

I want to be a person of significance to you. I want to be a person of importance to you. It’s not enough that you tell me that you love me all of the time. All of that love and affection that you have for me should be manifested in the way that you behave and conduct yourself. If you ingrain these important moments, dates, and milestones into who you are as a person, then that tells me so much more about your feelings than your words would. So, make it a point to really remember these dates. They matter to me.

This list will be different for every girl, but I am sure there are many things you guys can relate too. No matter what we love our men very much. You now know how we feel about certain things so look out for us the next time will you?

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  1. Men need to make a woman feel like he puts her first before his family and friends. He needs to make sure she feels he has her back and they are a team. Right or wrong, he should stand by her side, not anyone else’s side especially his family. Defend her and suport her. If her disagrees with her, talk about it in private but, infront of everyone else have her back.

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