25 Things a Girl Should Have Before She Turns 25

Ladies, do you agree with this?

Here are 25 things a girl should have before she turns 25:

  1. A level of self-confidence so high that she no longer feels the need to explain herself to people who don’t matter in life. You really can’t please everyone and so you don’t have to bother explaining yourself every single time you feel or do something. To quote Dr. Seuss, those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
  2. A bank account that allows her to live comfortably. It can be really difficult to live from paycheck to paycheck, and while these struggles may be a reality for most 20 somethings, it would be great if you had a steady bank account by the time you turned 25.
  3. The freedom of leaving behind unnecessary baggage. Hopefully you no longer have to keep up social appearances that you don’t need to do, maintain Facebook friendships that you don’t really need, and juggle multiple phone numbers that drive you crazy. By 25, you should be in a place where you only need to focus on yourself.
  4. A really good friend that she can count on when things get tough. A soul sister.
  5. A living space that she can call her own, or share with someone special.
  6. A clear grasp of the variables that compose her ideal relationship; along with the courage and willingness to expose herself to as many different kinds of people as people. You need to be able to hone your perspective of other people in order for you to figure out what you really want to get out of the people that you’re around.
  7. A holistic and trendy wardrobe that can serve her for whatever occasion. Whether it’s a trip to the gym or to a fancy wedding reception, your wardrobe should be complete and fully functional. Also, feel free to donate or sell those clothes that are just gathering dust in your closet.
  8. The courage and wisdom to go after the things that she wants with civility and grace. You should always be strong enough to be able to go up to your boss and ask for a raise, or to just randomly strike up a conversation with a guy that you’re interested in.
  9. The self-assuredness that she’s deserving of all the things that she has in life.
  10. A fairly productive routine or system that she’s comfortable with carrying out from day to day. She already has a go-to order at the caf or the usual order of her favorite meal at a restaurant for meetings.
  11. A healthy hobby that ignites her passion and keeps her mind hungry for more learning and self-improvement. When you’re constantly challenging your mind, you’re constantly growing as a person.
  12. A memorization of some go-to meals that she can whip up at any moment that requires it. Whether it be for a date or an impromptu dinner party at home with friends, a girl should always know her way around the kitchen.
  13. A developed passion for the culinary arts to satisfy all her food cravings.
  14. The experience of having gone on memorable explorations and adventures in foreign lands that everyone is interested in hearing about. To go along with this, she should also have the excitement of a prospective adventure on the horizon to leave her with something to look forward to.
  15. The resolve to let go of any unnecessary competitiveness that is directed towards other women.
  16. The self-assuredness and confidence in her own body that no longer requires validation from other people. A girl should always be comfortable in her own skin regardless of what other people will say.
  17. The patience and tolerance to date men who haven’t matured as much as she has over the past 2 decades.
  18. A memory of an amazing date with someone who managed to sweep her off her feet in just one night. It needn’t have to have been a happy ending, but at least the memory of that night still manages to bring a smile to her face.
  19. The willingness to go on sexual exploration as well as the confidence to demand for satisfaction in bed.
  20. Mechanical skills that will allow her to get by on her own with much assistance. Changing a light bulb or unclogging a drain is a job that she should be comfortable with doing by the time she’s 25.
  21. A credit card line that only she has access to and that she has no guilt of using whenever she decides to treat herself to something.
  22. A passport and a go-to travel bag that’s always ready for whatever adventure that she can think of.
  23. An emergency or first-aid kit that contains the basics for elementary health care: Ibuprofen, bandages, contraceptives, and other such items.
  24. A developed sense of forgiveness for all her past wrongdoings and flaws.
  25. A good idea of the idealized version of herself that she’s working hard to become.
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