3 Signs That You And Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible

Sex is probably one of the most emotionally compromising and vulnerable social experiences that human beings could ever go through with another person.

The one truth that surprisingly not a lot of people know about sex is that it has a tendency to be incredibly weird, awkward, and embarrassing at first. It can take quite a while to build good sexual chemistry and compatibility with another person. For some couples, sexual compatibility and comfort is a downright impossibility. But then again, sex is always going to be a fun experience regardless of whether it’s awkward or not. So that’s why a lot of people are willing to go through all of the initial awkwardness and embarrassment that comes with sexual introductions. But there is no taking away from the fact that couples can build on sexual chemistry; and this is a necessary rite of passage for all couples who want to find success in the long-term.

At the foundation of it all, there always has to be the establishment of trust between both people. Sex is probably one of the most emotionally compromising and vulnerable social experiences that human beings could ever go through with another person. That’s why it takes a lot of trust for two people to really get through a sexual experience with one another. You have to be able to trust one another with your bodies, and if you’re in a serious relationship, with the emotional implications that sex can bring along. Next, you have to be able to talk about your boundaries and expectations. You might want to discuss if your pleasures of the skin are merely manifestations of your physical lust, or if there are is any emotional baggage involved there.

You might want to talk about what you need from each other in the physical sense as far as pleasures are concerned. There are plenty of things that you need to hash out with one another if you really want your sexual chemistry to get to a point of comfort and stability. But along with those desires, you also need to establish boundaries and rules these rules can be emotional and physical in nature. Ultimately, if you keep on living a healthy and active sex life, you are both going to get to a point of sexual comfort and compatibility with one another that is worth emulating. People are kidding themselves if they really think that sex doesn’t play a big role in modern relationships.

The very fact that you made it a point to build a strong sexual connection with one another is proof of just how hard you’re willing to work to ensure the success of this relationship. It shows that you are always trying your best to make your love grow and manifest itself throughout various aspects of your relationship. And that’s always a good sign. But how do you know if you and your partner have really reached a point of healthy sexual comfort with one another? Well, there are a few signs that you can choose to keep an eye out for. If you and your partner are guilty of the things that are going to be listed on here, then it means that you are both sexually compatible with one another.

1. You really don’t consider it a big deal to be naked around one another even during nonsexual contexts.

The very fact that you have very active sex lives should mean that it’s totally okay for you to be seeing each other in the nude even during nonsexual settings. You’ve seen each other’s private parts a lot of times already and you don’t really mind just lounging around the house or the apartment wearing absolutely nothing at all. You’ve both seen plenty of each other and you are no longer surprised with each other’s bodies. Whether you are just sitting down on the couch or laying on the bed without clothes on just talking to one another, or you’re taking a bath together, it’s all perfectly normal for the both of you.

2. You both feel like you could both be freely open and honest about your sexual fantasies that you may have for one another.

You both feel like you could freely discuss even your wildest sexual fantasies with one another. Your sexual comfort and chemistry has reached a point wherein you are both willing to try out new things just to make the other happy; and also to add more spice and excitement to the experience. You can both make requests to try out some new positions or some new techniques just to mix things up a little bit.

3. You both feel like you can both openly discuss sex whenever you want without any awkwardness or shyness at all.

The talk of sex is always awkward for a lot of people at first. But with you, you’re way past the point of awkwardness. You are at a place of comfort with one another. You are completely sexual compatible with each other and you both know it. Whenever you get into the bedroom, sparks start flying and no one can stop it.

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