5 Signs He’s Marriage-Material And 5 Signs You Should Dump Him ASAP

5. Marry him if his respect for you is always consistent.

You can’t possibly expect to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you. That’s why it’s always good that you are with someone who treats you right; someone who doesn’t do anything to damage your dignity or sense of self-worth.

6. Dump him if he emotionally exhausts you all the time.

A man who is emotionally exhausting to be with might be a toxic guy with a toxic personality. And you always want to be distancing yourself from toxic personalities.

7. Marry him if he loves you in spite of your flaws and imperfections.

You always want to be with a guy who gives you the kind of love that you are always deserving of – the unconditional kind. He loves you regardless of whatever flaws and imperfections that your personality might have.

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