5 Texting Habits That Show They’re Interested In You

Let’s try to be honest here: it can often feel like a kind of riddle that you’re trying to solve when you’re texting with someone you have feelings for. You are desperately trying to read between the lines to find some kind of a clue as to how they might feel about you. You become so nitpicky and your attention to detail shoots through the roof.

You overthink everything and you try to read into every single word-choice, emoji, or gif that they send you. Even something as trivial as punctuation might be something that you pay a lot of attention to.

Whenever your phone rings, you feel like your heart skips a beat. The anticipation and the buildup are really wreaking havoc on your nerves. You are even dealing with borderline anxiety with the way that you hang on every single text message that they might send you. A million questions might run through your mind. Are they into you? Are they serious with you? Is this a person who is worthy of your time and attention?

Well, to ease your worries, this article is going to help you read int a person’s texting habits. Based on leading experts in the fields of human behavior and relationships, you are able to figure out how a person feels about you based on how they text you. There are a few texting behaviors that may serve as signs for interest. If you’re interested in learning more about these signs, then continue to read on until the end of this article.

1. They show a genuine interest in who you are as a person.

You can always tell when a person is interested in getting close to you when they express a genuine interest in who you are as a person. If your partner is asking so much about your passions and your interests; about the things that really make you tick, then there is a really good chance that they’re looking to get intimate with you.

They express an interest in you that is deeper and more profound than how other people typically treat you. That’s how you know that they are serious about trying to get closer to you on a level that is more intimate than others.

2. They really express a sincere interest in what you’re doing.

Whenever they text you to ask “what’s up?”, they won’t be content to just hearing about whatever you’re doing at that moment. They will want to really figure out what you’re up to. They will ask you engaging questions about what you’re doing to try to really lock you in a deep conversation. They won’t just leave you hanging.

They’re going to express a deep interest into what you’re doing into that moment in an effort to try to understand you more. It’s also a way for them to try to connect with you. Any chance that they can get to have a real conversation with you is something they will grasp.

3. They always respond to you whenever they can.

They don’t keep you waiting. They don’t purposely make you wait for their replies. They don’t play around with you. They don’t act coy and disinterested. They don’t make it feel like they are really hard to reach. They are going to try their best to make themselves as available to you as possible.

And that’s why they always try their best to reply to you in a prompt and timely manner. And if they’re busy, they will explain that fact to you.

4. They try to find opportunities to spend time with you in person.

One of the most obvious signs that they like you based on their texting habits is if they won’t be content with merely texting you. They will want to find ways to meet up with you in person. They will want to try to really connect with you on a face-to-face basis.

5. They don’t beat around the bush with what they want with you.

At the end of the day, the surest sign that you can have that a person is actually interested in you is if they directly make their feelings known to you. There is no sign more sure than having a person just outright tell you that they’re into you. Yes, you can play your little games with one another.

You can try to read between the lines. But through it all, if you want to get serious you’re going to just have to be direct and make your feelings known to one another. Express your intentions with each other and don’t beat around the bush. Enough with the ambiguity and vagueness. Life is too short to withhold how you really feel from someone who is important to you.

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