6 Brutal Facts about being VERY single

You are missing out a lot of amazing things, movie dates, dinner dates, long romantic walks, surprises, sensation of being loved, pampered and the feeling of being wanted

Being single is cool. You don’t have to remember birthdays, anniversaries or arrange surprises on Valentine’s Day. You build your life around yourself and indulge into things that make you feel wild, free and crazy. But wait! You are missing out a lot of amazing things, movie dates, dinner dates, long romantic walks, surprises, sensation of being loved, pampered and the feeling of being wanted and oh! Those butterflies in your stomach when you see your partner.

You are amazing and it’s totally cool if you are a single but today you need to hold on and read these brutal facts and important things you are missing by avoiding an intimate relationship.

  1. No one’s priority:

When you are in a relationship you know you got your significant other’s back. Your person is always going to be there in the hour of need. The feeling of lacking this support hurts. We know!В  You felt sad when you saw your friend calling their significant other and inquiring about the presentation their partner had in the office today. And also, when they saw their calendar to check if they have a commitment with their partner on the day you asked them for a meet up. Your significant other always gives you priority over other and has always got your back. Yes! Being no one’s priority sucks big time.

  1. Awkward dates:

Ouch! This one is a nightmare. When you are single you are compelled to mingle via awkward dates that end up as a disaster. Your date won’t get your point of view and you feel troubled getting along with her/him too. Of course it’s not fun and your potential partner runs away as quickly as possible. Hang on and think about it. If you were in a relationship, you wouldn’t have to go for such haphazard dates! Would you? Such series of awkward dates end when you get into a relationship.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Feeling alone:

Ok! This one is really hard to read but as a matter of fact, you DO feel alone periodically. We know you got a great and supportive family and the gang of your friends is simply the squad goals for other but you cannot deny this fact that you feel alone and you hate this feeling of loneliness. Come on! We all want that someone special, who gives us an unusual feeling and a beautiful feeling of being loved, cared and desired.В  The person who perceives you as their everything and vice versa. Nobody can give you this kind of love! Yes! You read it right, not your family, not your friends, forget your best friend too.

  1. You end up hating Rom-Coms:

Romance and comedy are perfect as a combo but a clich at the same time. We understand the fact it becomes even more clichd and corny when you are single because this genre is specifically designed for couples. Watching a rom-com makes you feel lonely and you truly feel the void and lack of a significant others. You would rather watch a horror movie or a documentary about animals on National Geographic than watching a rom-com movie. Even if you watch it with your friends, the results are going to be same. Yes! The lonely feeling.В  So yes! Instead to opting for a Rom-Com goВ  watch your favorite season or a science fiction , go out and explore the world, travel, hang out with friends(only if they are free inВ  terms of a commitment with their significant others) , oops ! That hurts again.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. No satisfaction:

This one is a really sensitive topic and may leave you butt hurt. Think about it. Where is the satisfaction when you are taking long lonely walks? Where is the satisfaction when see you see a couple laughing hysterically over an inside joke? Where is the satisfaction when you come back to your apartment lonely? Where is the satisfaction when you have stay alone on valentine’s day and listen to your friend’s stories the very next day, that make you even more lonely and deprived of love. There is no satisfaction, you got to admit it.В  It’s about the fact that you are single and you can do whatever the heck you want to. It’s about the sense of belongingness that’s lacking. To know that you belong to someone special and vice versa is what gives you utter satisfaction and brighten ups your day.

  1. Jealousy

Laura can’t stop gushing over her partner who arranged a perfect birthday surprise yesterday. Serena is happy because her 5th anniversary is around the corner. Jim is not anxious anymore because his girlfriend fixed the errors of his tomorrow’s presentation at office. Dave fixed his girls friend’s TV and is happy to see her smiling. And here you are, sitting alone, reading this article and getting jealous of your friends doing or experiencing the comparable things.

Trust us! You are missing a great deal of affection and compassion by choosing to stay single.

Are you sure you want to stay single?

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